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Stanley Park Causeway

6 Dec

A section of my bike commute I often write about is finally getting some attention from the Ministry of Transportation and Highways. It appears the survey work conducted by the province is complete, and barring significant protests against tree removal, the project should hopefully move ahead in 2015. This will finally give cyclists, pedestrians, and motorized commuters a safer fixed link between downtown and the North Shore.

To learn more, visit: http://www.gov.bc.ca/stanleyparkcauseway. Click through the menu on the left to see pictures, maps, drawings, and pdf files. Very complete.

Protective Barriers for Dogs, but not for Cyclists

17 Nov

I am one of hundreds of cyclists who ride the Stanley Park causeway on a nearly daily basis, and each time I never know if it will be the last time.

The causeway, as I have blogged about before, has no official space for cyclists, rather bikes and electric scooters share the same sidewalk as pedestrians. Adding to the problem is there is no barrier separating the narrow sidewalk from vehicle traffic.This situation has led to a number of serious accidents, including fatalities, where pedestrians (of all ages) and cyclists (of all ages) have collided and ended up on the causeway, crushed by a vehicle. Pedestrians and bikers have no alternate route to get to Stanley Park and the downtown, as the Seabus is at Lonsdale Quay, and buses are only designed to take two bikes at a time. Operated by the province, the roadway is the only link from the North Shore to the city centre.

This past week another dog sailed over the side of BC place, the result of a negligent owner ignoring signs and letting his large dog wander the public space without a leash. BC place has promised it will immediately construct a barrier to ensure this does not happen again. BC place is run by the provincial government.

Does this mean dogs who are off leash in on leash areas have more rights than cyclists, motorists, and pedestrians? How come the province won’t build a protective barrier on the causeway, but will do so at BC Place?

Clean those leaves

29 Oct

Feeling grouchy after my soggy bike ride from yesterday. Once again I had to take the detour around Stanley Park rather than risk the Causeway because the sidewalk remains covered in piles of slippery autumn leaves. The Causeway sidewalk is supposed to be maintained by the province, but it seems to be neglecting its duties, leaving pedestrians and cyclists with limited options and still without a barrier separating them from motorized traffic.

Oh how we live in an absurd world! There is this paranoia about bike helmets, but almost no interest in building bike infrastructure than will do more to save peoples lives than a dinky helmet.

In my opinion helmet laws need to be abolished, or modified. In Tel Aviv, in order to bring in bike share, the helmet law was modified where only children under 12 are required to wear a helmet. We in North America do not seem to understand that as long as a helmet is required, people will continue to think cycling is a dangerous activity. In fact cycling is much safer than driving, the only reason it is more dangerous in North America is because our bike lanes are paint on a street.
I’d bet the amount of lives saved with helmets are more than lost by the number of people who, put off by helmets and the “danger of bike riding”, stay behind the wheel of their cars, getting fatter and suffocating on car fumes.
Forget about helmets for adults, and focus on first world bike infrastructure.