Referendum: Premier Clark’s Plan B

10 Feb

This is increasingly looking like a classic case of the tragedy of the commons, where no one wants to assume responsibility for the common good, and everyone wants a free lunch. With the electorate already hyper segmented, it is increasingly easy for incumbents to offer the status quo rather than offer big picture long term solutions. Premier Clark has no incentive to stake her future on supporting the referendum – won or lost, she comes out clean. In the end the biggest loser will be the electorate, as either way they will pay the cost.

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From the Globe and Mail:

B.C. Premier Christy Clark says Lower Mainland mayors will have to raise property taxes as a Plan B if voters reject a proposed sales tax to pay for new transit in this year’s plebiscite. …

“If they decide they do want to build transit without a Yes vote in this referendum, mayors will have to fall back, I guess, on the existing funding mechanism they have.

“They have always had the ability to raise money for transit through increasing property taxes and I suppose that would be one of the options available to them if the referendum fails.”


You think a West Vancouver council will vote to raise property taxes on some of the highest-valued homes in Canada to support light rail in Surrey?  Or Maple Ridge to support a subway in Vancouver?  Or any council anywhere to support anything outside their boundaries?


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