Understanding Zoning and Heritage Classifications

4 Sep

The City of Vancouver planning department and Vision administration are both remarkably efficient and transparent. Online searches yield a wealth of information, which in most other cities around the world one would require making phone calls and visits to obscure city departments to gain access to information.

This level of transparency means the City of Vancouver is a relatively easy city to do real estate transactions in. Apart from the zoning issues, which afflict most North American cities, Vancouver benefits from established institutions with high levels of trust, a clean environment and stable climate, and a relatively effective transit network. Many Vancouverites who have not spent time abroad are quick to criticize the city administration; however, they do not realize how fortunate we are here. 

Below is a little of the information I have dug up in my research:

1. http://vancouver.ca/files/cov/Zoning-Map-Vancouver.pdf

2. http://former.vancouver.ca/commsvcs/BYLAWS/zoning/rt-7.pdf

3. http://vancouver.ca/your-government/zoning-development-bylaw.aspx

4. http://vancouver.ca/home-property-development/find-a-registered-heritage-building-site-or-tree.aspx

Frances Bula and Gordon Price are also a wealth of information for anyone wanting to understand Vancouver from a broader urbanist’s perspective.

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